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How To Grow The World Famous Glass Gem Corn


Glass gem corn took the internet by storm a couple years ago, and now everyone wants to grow it. It turns out, corn in general isn’t terribly difficult to grow, it just requires the right conditions. Before we get into it let’s clear something up. This is NOT some GMO franken-corn Monsanto creation. This is REAL food. Just the opposite of GMOs, this is actually an incredible looking heirloom. Want to grow it? Here’s how: GROWING YOUR OWN GLASS GEM CORN Planting Corn will be killed easily by frost, so you must plant outdoors after the threat of…


Save The Bees: How To Build An Orchard Mason Bee House – It’s Fun And Easy!


If you raise any kind of crops or flowers, know anyone who does, or just want to help protect declining bee populations, this is a fun project for you! Orchard mason bees pollinate a lot of plants that honeybees don’t. They’re great pollinators, hard working, and could definitely use a place to live! Orchard mason bees, much like their non-Africanized honeybee cousins, are docile and only sting when severely provoked. So you don’t have to worry about them getting after you unless you’re really messing around with them and making them agitated. Unlike honeybees, orchard mason bees don’t live in…


Check Out This 20-Year-Old Permaculture Forest Garden In The Mountains


The garden at Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute is truly something pretty incredible to behold. It was designed by Jerome Osentowski more than 20 years ago. The food forest is a well-established 1 acre polyculture garden that features fruit trees, perennial and annual vegetables, many of which reseed themselves, as well as nitrogen fixing shrubs to maintain soil fertility. Pretty neat, huh? This whole setup is pretty impressive overall. I dream of setting up something like this myself. The benefit here is that the food forest is mostly self-sustaining. It would be incredible to be able to leave something behind…


You Can Make Your Chickens Do The Gardening? Awesome!


This might actually qualify as being too cool for school. Bruce Morgan, a farmer from Australia, has figured out a great way to get his chickens involved in gardening around the house using a series of wire tunnels. It really goes to show how useful a chicken can be for your farm, even aside from providing eggs! Bruce, an Australian permaculturist, designed an intricate system of what he calls “chook tunnels,” chook being the Australian nickname for the chicken. These tunnels funnel his hens all over his garden, allowing them to scratch, peck at weeds, and aerate the soil around…