Save The Bees: How To Build An Orchard Mason Bee House – It’s Fun And Easy!


If you raise any kind of crops or flowers, know anyone who does, or just want to help protect declining bee populations, this is a fun project for you! Orchard mason bees pollinate a lot of plants that honeybees don’t. They’re great pollinators, hard working, and could definitely use a place to live!

Orchard mason bees, much like their non-Africanized honeybee cousins, are docile and only sting when severely provoked. So you don’t have to worry about them getting after you unless you’re really messing around with them and making them agitated.

Unlike honeybees, orchard mason bees don’t live in large hives. Instead, females burrow into long, narrow tunnels where they build their nests and lay their eggs. A single bee visits up to 75 flowers every time it goes out. The female leaves behind a provision of food, so when the egg hatches, the larva has something to eat and can grow into a full sized mason bee.

In its lifetime, a female orchard mason bee will pollinate 60,000 flowers. Talk about a busy bee!

Enjoy this fun project.


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  1. Just a note on raising mason bees. Every bee matters to us. They are superior pollinators and can be moved from backyard to farm easily.

    When you manage these bees with drilled blocks of wood, you allow pests to build up in the holes. Within a few years, the pests are easily able to move from hole to hole and the “house” becomes a mason bee cemetery. While easy to build, they are death traps to these awesome bees.

    You’d think it’s natural in nature to let them do their thing… nature doesn’t have holes like this close together. We’re tampering with nature to gain our end goal; pollination. A similar analogy could be with your raised beds. Let the weeds run through your garden and don’t remove them. Let your strongest carrots be the winners.

    Raising bees is not different. If you care about your food production, you will need to manage your trees as you manage your bees. To let either go naturally has your food production disrupted or reduced.

    Crown Bees has a few videos to help you understand what these awesome insects are, plus a monthly Bee-Mail that tells you what to do. Our customers love it.

    We care about our food supply and very much care about the bees that can help us gain more food.

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