How to Grow Wheatgrass for Pennies


Learn how to grow your own wheatgrass for pennies on the dollar and reap the health benefits of this incredible superfood. People use wheatgrass juice for a variety of health benefits from healing cancer, thyroid problems and obesity, to even reducing or reversing greying of the hair!

Watch the video below for a step by step of how to grow your own:

What you need:


Mason Jar

Screen/Lid or Strainer

Wheat Berries (like these)


Sun or a proper light fixture (If you’re growing indoors, this is the type of light you should use). Depending on the scale of your grow you may want to invest in a larger light fixture, but the link above is sufficient for a single tray and is the most basic model. Just make sure that you use the proper bulb type which is T5 (like these).

This is a soilless method meant for one major harvest. Growing in soil is a better option if you would like a perpetual harvest, but if you listen to the video above, there are certain situations that make this soilless method ideal. Have you grown wheatgrass any other way? Share your experiences with us in the comments. Happy growing!

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