It Has Been Revealed That Crazy Plant Ladies Live Longer, Happier Lives


If you’re a self-confessed plant mom, we have good news for you.

There’s no reason to hold back on growing or buying those extra plants you were looking at. New data from Harvard shows that surrounding oneself with greenery makes us live longer and happier lives. 

You can now make room for some more Fiddle leaf figs and Peace lily’s and have science to back up being a crazy plant lady. 

Harvard Study Says Plants Are Good For Mental Health and Longevity

New research out of Harvard has found a direct link between women living in homes surrounded by vegetation to lower mortality rates, as well as improved mental health.

The study followed the lives of 100 women over eight years, tracking their mental health and wellbeing when living with lush greenery.

Over the course of the study it was observed that women experienced lower levels of stress and depression. This could have stemmed from more social opportunities speaking with others about their gardens, as well as higher amounts of physical activity when looking after the plants, and they benefited from better air quality too. 

In terms of mortality, the study found that the rate had decreased by 12 percent when women lived in greener surroundings.

The study also noted that seeing greenery in our homes makes women feel relaxed.

With so many benefits there’s more reason than ever to surround yourself with beautiful green plants!