Tropical Halloween! Pineapples Being Made Into Spooky Jack-O’-Lanterns


By Emily Murray, HHL

Whether you live in a tropical locale or just happen to love the island look and feel this Halloween, consider something new. Pineapple jack-o’-lanterns are a thing, and they are a perfect addition to your holiday season. Switch out your traditional pumpkin jack-o’-lantern for something a little more light and Carribean mon! 

Pineapple Jack-O’-Lantern: Fancy Fun

Pineapples have long been a symbol of welcoming and decadence. The story goes that in the 1400s, back when European explorers first made landfall on Carribean islands, the pineapple was discovered by outsiders. When they took the exotic-looking fruit back to Europe, it was completely foreign to everyone there and became an instant sensation.

Everyone wanted more of the pineapple, a new and exciting, rare fruit! The fact that each one had to endure such a long and arduous journey – many of the pineapples that began the trip were not edible by the time they made landfall – made them even more coveted. 

The sweet, pulpy taste of the fruit and the scale-like armored skin and silly sprout “hairdo” only added to the pineapple’s appeal. This fruit was rare, delicious, and in high demand. Everyone wanted one. This was like nothing the European palette had ever experienced, and because it was so tough to get them, pineapples became synonymous with rarity and decadence.

Pineapple Jack-O’-Lantern: A Welcoming Party Decoration

So, the “fancy” part makes sense now, but what exactly about a pineapple makes it so welcoming? The hospitality legend springs from age-old tales of New England sea captains. After long months at sea they would return from the Carribean with tropical goodies like fruits and nuts. Settled back in at home, after the ship and crew had been tended to, the Captain would place a pineapple outside the entrance to his home. This was a signal to local friends and family that he was back, rested, and ready to host a fun time!

The pineapple quickly became synonymous with an invitation for a visit. Soon Colonial-era innkeepers began incorporating the pineapple into their marketing efforts, cementing the pineapple as a friendly beacon for all. Pineapples were carved into headboards, posts, and legs of Colonial furniture too. In time, the pineapple became synonymous with friendship, decadence, a rarefied existence, a sentiment that still lives on to this day.

Pineapple Jack-O’-Lanterns Are Easy And Fun

In light of all this info, plain old pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns are so last year, don’t you think? Pineapples have a rich history behind them, and they make for an interesting conversation piece when used this way. Traditionally, Halloween is the gateway to the winter months… cold mornings, short days, and pumpkin spice everything. It inspires warm drinks, casseroles, and footie pajamas. 

But a tropical fruit like pineapple turns all of this on its ear, giving a visual appeal that surprises. They are relatively easy to carve, but given their rough exterior, it’s always best to freehand your design. This means you’ll end up with some silly faces, certainly not as precise as folks can get with pumpkins. But with a backstory like the pineapple has, precision is not needed! These guys are in the friendship and hospitality business. Their job is to make you smile.

Plus…they have cool hair.

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