Wicking Animal Planters That Keep Themselves Hydrated by Drinking From Their Water Bowls


These are easy to use! Whether you are going on vacation or are just busy with life these planters will make sure your plants get watered. Plus the wicking animal planters are charming and will add character to any room.

You don’t have to worry about neglecting your plants with proper watering schedules if they’re growing in one of these.

The cute and practical planters are available HERE and they come in four designs: frog, panda, cat, and dog.

The animal planters are ceramic. The wicking tongue is connected directly to the soil which keeps the roots just moist enough while allowing sufficient airflow. This prevents root rot and keeps plants stress-free.

Grow herbs such as mint.

Fruit such as strawberries are a perfect choice due to their ability to grow in shallow soil.

Each order comes with a ceramic planter, soil, seeds, and a water bowl.